At the beginning of the year there are several expenses and accumulated expenses, such as IPVA, IPTU, enrollment, school material, among others.

Even with good financial organization, unforeseen events can happen. So a good way out is personal credit.

In addition, it is very simple to apply for this type of loan, especially when you have a stable financial health. So here are the tips we separate for you to get your credit:

What types of loans are offered?

What types of loans are offered?

There are several companies available in the market, check out some suggestions:


This modality uses your as well as collateral for loan release, meaning it is possible to use your car or home as collateral in the contract.

With this, you can get more chances of approval, but you need to be careful not to lose control and end up losing your asset to the financial.


The client must assign ownership of the asset to the financial institution, and the bank revalues ​​the value of its asset in credit, usually up to 85% of the value, through the valuation.

The pawned property will only be returned after full repayment of the loan. If you do not make the payment, the possession of the property will be kept to the bank creditor of the debt.

Payroll loans

For those who are employed is a great option. The installments are automatically debited from your account, so you need financial control and organization.

In addition, you do not have to worry about the salary of the ticket, and your salary works as collateral to apply for the loan and achieve greater approval.

Personal credit

This modality allows more freedom in the request, since it is not necessary to prove the destination of the loan and can be used in any need.

For this reason, it is very useful for those who need to pay for emergency spending. In addition, it has rates more attractive than other modalities.

The personal loan is safe and quite simple to obtain, and it is possible to choose the maturity date of the installments.

How to get easy personal credit?

How to get easy personal credit?

It is possible to get personal credit through the bank in which you have a checking account. So, talk to your manager first and let him know the emergency, which will tell you the best solution.

For those who have an account open at a conventional bank, it is also possible to consult internet banking, as there may already be a pre-approved personal credit limit. Just pretend and hire, no bureaucracy.

And usually, online institutions release the loan in a quicker and simpler way, without having to leave the house to apply.

Getting a loan can be simple and easy over the internet.

Which companies offer personal loan?

Which companies offer personal loan?

It is possible to apply for personal credit in traditional banks, but there are also several financial online, which allow more flexibility and facilities when obtaining a loan, such as:

Legendary Loan

The first indication is Small loan. The company offers 100% personal loans online. In addition, the interest rate revolves around 2.97% per month.

Another benefit is that you can request from R $ 1 thousand up to R $ 50 thousand, which can be paid in 6 to 36 months. For more information, go to the site and simulate it.


Credits have a differential because it offers secured loans, that is, you use your car or your home to get credit. Interest is lower, from 1.69% per month for vehicles and 1.15% for real estate.

To be able to use your vehicle as collateral, you must follow some rules:

  • The vehicle must have the year of manufacture as of 2004;
  • The minimum amount requested must be R $ 5 thousand.

And for those who wish to make a loan leaving as collateral your property, it is necessary that:

  • The property has a commercial value greater than R $ 150 thousand
  • And that the minimum value of the loan is $ 30 thousand.

Another advantage is that your property or vehicle does not need to be 100% removed.

Simplicity Loan

Simplicity Loan is an online platform that facilitates your customers’ access to products and services. Its differential is that the company meets the negatives and because of this, its rates are higher than other institutions.

The loan amounts offered are between 500 and 3,500, with installments of 3 to 12 times and interest rates range from around 15.80% to 17.90% per month.

Money Loan

Money Loan is a company that offers loans online and simply.

In only 5 minutes you can register and you can request the modality. After that, the request is reviewed and if approved, the money goes directly into your account.

The company has a loyalty program that the more you use and pay properly, the more credit you earn. Also, you can extend the term of payment.

The amounts available for loan is up to R $ 2 thousand that can be paid in up to 12 months with the interest rate around 17.99% per month.

Fund System

Fund System offers a loan of up to R $ 50 thousand, with terms of 36 months to pay. One advantage is that you can start paying in 40 days and the company does not ask anything as collateral.

The company promises that every type of financial transaction is transparent and that it has no hidden information in its contracts. The interest rate ranges from 2% to 9.5% per month.

Is it possible to get a loan for salaried employees?

There are some companies that offer exclusive loan to salaried private companies.

To use the benefit it is necessary to have a salary account at any bank. Thus, it will be possible to use the personal loan services in a simple and objective way.

The advantage is that this mode is usually easily approved. However, the amount of credit to be released depends on the employee’s salary.

Despite having rates above the market, personal credit for employees has its advantages, such as:

  • There is no excessive bureaucracy
  • In case of unemployment, there is a loan insurance, and that is also equivalent to the case of health problems
  • High payment flow, thus being very extensive, with options of up to 48 monthly installments or more.

With the approval of the loan, the installments will automatically be debited from the employee’s account. That is, when receiving the payment, the portion of the credit is already deducted directly from the account.

Will be taken into account the time of service provided by the worker, monthly budget, score, among other factors. After verification and approval, the transfer of the amounts is effected to your account.

It is important to note that the credit installments should not exceed 30% of your salary.


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