We explain to you how you can apply for a credit card online

credit card online

With the credit card you can pay for your purchases over time and make use of over 6,000 ATMs

The Internet has changed the way in which customers relate with their bank and also the way in which they access financing and credit facilities, which a few years ago took weeks to obtain offline or in person. Now you simply have to complete a brief questionnaire over the internet and attach some documents so that, in a matter of days, you can enjoy a credit card with all its guarantees and benefits.

Applying for a credit card online is a simple process. To do so, the applicant must provide their personal and financial details, as well as meet the banking institution’s requirements.

The most common requirements for obtaining a credit card are:

  • Being legal of age.
  • Having certain minimum incomes.

The granting of a card is subject to the study that each banking institution performs, in which each of them has its own risk and feasibility criteria. Having periodic and reasonable incomes will help to facilitate the granting of a card.

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How long does the process of granting a credit card take?

credit card

Once you have chosen the credit card you wish to take out, you have filled in all the personal details and you have chosen the payment method, the bank performs a study of the application. This process does not usually take more than a few days, after which the applicant will know whether or not their application has been approved.

If, in the end, the banking institution has granted you the credit card, it should arrive at your home in a few days and, separately, an activation password to guarantee that only the customer can use the card.

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